The collections of the museum Burg Liechtenstein


When I took over the princely main castle as a tenant in 2009, the castle was empty except for the aforementioned reliefs and stone sculptures.

Therefore, from the time of my takeover, it was necessary to make purchases to furnish the castle. Over the past decade, an extensive collection has been created, which is divided into various subject areas, including a book collection, a textile collection, a sacral collection, a furniture collection, a clock collection, a hunting collection, and paintings. Collection, weapon collection, sheet music collection, etc.
In the meantime, the collection includes over 6000 items spanning a time frame of approximately 500 to 600 years. Individual parts of the various collections can be seen in the rooms of the castle as part of the guided tour.

Various objects from the collection of sacred art as well as a valuable replica of the Liechtenstein princely hat are presented in the treasury of the castle.
The collection of sacral art and textiles differs significantly

from o
ther collections of this type - since all objects are still used for worship today.

After a restoration, the sacred objects and textiles are used again in the castle chapel.
Leopold Fasching
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who help me to build a collection through your donation and / or advice!