Drones flying over Liechtenstein Castle

Unfortunately there were some displeasing occasions in the past due to flying drones respectively their owners. So we have to let you know the following:


The Liechtenstein Castle is private property and in private use so there's an overflight ban! Audio and video recordings are, also in the air, regulated by the domestic data protection law.

We point out that drone recordings, which are published without the express permission of the Liechtenstein Castle Betriebs GmbH, will be prosecuted accordingly.

Please respect the privacy!


Please note:

Permits for flights drones are always necessary, if not exclusively "for the purpose of the flight" performed. Once a drone is equipped with a camera and recordings are made, there is a licensing requirement. This applies also for private purposes in its own grounds for taking pictures from the air. Generally it can be assumed that carrying a camera for the purpose of photography or video recording fees to AUSTRO CONTROL become due. The heavier a drone and the denser the of use has been populated, the more extensive are the requirements for a grant by AUSTRO CONTROL. At the same time, the Data Protection Act 2000 in the current version is of the application.